View and Navion Group Guidelines

  1. Purpose
    We are a resource, a guide and a place to share our passion for our RV. The brain power and experience of thousands of owners is right here. Feel free to ask questions and participate.
  2. Information on posts
    Please sign posts with year, model and location of your motorhome. If there's a problem, mileage can help with troubleshooting.
    Examples: 16V MN 50k, 20D AK, 08H NJ 93k, 18J AZ.
  3. Members
    This group is for View/Navion owners, owners of other Sprinter-based RVs and prospective owners.
  4. Respect others
    Comments about politics, religion, race, sexual innuendo, foul language, personal attacks or unnecessarily polarizing topics are prohibited. Violators will be moderated or removed.
  5. Owners, moderators and fellow members
    If you have an issue with an owner or moderator, or any other member, use a private message. Don't argue on group posts. Keep it civil. Violators will be moderated or removed.
  6. Selling and advertising
    Yes, please share your View/Navion or toad for sale. Do not promote your business or enterprise. Anything else for sale is subject to moderator approval. Just ask!
  7. Dealers and affiliates
    Dealers and affiliates may join the group to learn about how we utilize their products. No private messages to our members. This group is not to be a source of sales leads. No Advertising. No links.
  8. Complaints about manufacturers or businesses
    If you have issues, please share. Keep it fact-based. Avoid posting unsubstantiated accusations or posts that are predominantly venting.
  9. We reserve the right... 
    To delete any post or thread or member that violates the rules or is not within the "spirit" of the group. Let's have a good time around the virtual campfire!


While the technical information posted by group members and administrators can be helpful note that the members electing to make use of the same are doing so at their own risk. Members are encouraged to contact Winnebago, Mercedes Benz, and/or the component manufacturers for the official information. We cannot guarantee thatthe information presented here is 100% accurate. Most of it is copied from other resources or compiled from personal experiences.

Modifications of any kind to a group member’s vehicle are by and for the benefit of that member but are encouraged to be shared with the group. Someone electing to perform similar or duplicate modifications to their vehicle are doing so at their own risk.

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